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Terms of Use


This Agreement is made by and between Pro Seven d.o.o (referred to as “the Company” “Translators Center”, “we”, “us” or “our”) with registered address at Zagrebacka cesta 217, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia and you as a client utilizing the following website translatorscenter.com (referred to as “website”).

The Company operates the website that allows individuals or professional clients (hereinafter referred to as ‘Clients‘or ‘Client‘) to purchase services relating to documents (hereinafter referred to as ‘Content‘), more specifically copywriting, translation, or proofreading (these three terms being herein after referred to collectively as ‘Services‘) by Authors qualified by TextMaster (hereinafter referred to as ‘Authors‘).

Use of the Services and websites provided by the Company is subject to the following General Terms (the ‘Terms‘) and to the Company’s Privacy Policy.

The Company and the Client are hereinafter collectively referred to as the ‘Parties‘ and individually as ‘Party‘.

Acceptance of the Terms

By visiting this website or registering for the Services offered on the website, you accept these Terms. If you order Services on behalf of a company or any other corporate body, you must be the legal representative of said company or corporate body, or have obtained its express permission.

In the event of failure to comply with these Terms, or any other right held by the Company, we reserve the right to close your Client account and to take all the measures necessary to safeguard our interests.

The Company reserves the right to amend these Terms at any time. In the event of such an amendment, we will immediately post the new Terms online. Your active use of the Services provided by the Company following the publication of the updated Terms will constitute your full acceptance of said Terms.

Description of Services

Translation Service

The translation service allows Clients to obtain content in one language, based on original content in another language. As far as is possible, and taking into account the cultural and linguistic subtleties of the language in question, the Author agrees to conserve, to the best of his/her abilities, the general tone, the organisation of information, and the type of vocabulary used in the original content.

Proofreading Service

The proofreading service allows Clients to submit content to be corrected by an Author. Proofreading covers the vocabulary, grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax used in the content. Changes to the structure and style of the Content may also be requested, provided the Client selects the appropriate service. Otherwise, the Author shall not be obliged to make changes to the structure or style. If the Client so desires, they may ask the Author to limit the check to one or more of these elements. In such cases, the Client must explain as clearly as possible in the Initial Request defining the project.

Copywriting Service

The copywriting service allows Clients to purchase original content on a given topic and to meet a specific need. Following the Initial Request, the Author conducts the necessary research on the subject in question, then writes Content that corresponds to the criteria set out by the Client in terms of word count or type of vocabulary.

Use of Services:

1.Translation and Proofreading:

The Client may submit a document, an extract from a database or free form text on a Translators Center website and add any explanations to guide the Author in his/her task (hereinafter referred collectively as the ‘Initial Request ‘).  The Client expressly acknowledges that Translators Center’s price is based on the word count estimated by Translators Center or communicated by the Client in their Initial Request, and not on the final number of words communicated to the Client by the Author after the Service has been performed.

2.Copywriting Service

For each project, the Client must indicate a certain number of elements to guide the Author in his/her task (hereinafter the ‘Initial Request‘).

It is understood that:

  • The requested word count includes a margin of +/- 10% (i.e. for an order of a 500-word text you may deliver a text of 450 to 550 words). If a maximum or minimum word count is requested by the Client, the Author must abide by said maximum or minimum.
  • The ‘Keywords’ option allows the Client to indicate a set of words or phrases that the Author must integrate into the Content and the number of times that they should appear in the text. The keywords are determined by the Client and must be in the target language (example: if the text is being translated from English to Italian, the indicated keywords must be in Italian). The keywords are also case-sensitive, to ensure the most accurate keyword count possible (e.g. the acronym for search engine marketing (SEM) should be capitalized to ensure that the system does not include that combination of letters found in larger words, as in the word ‘semantics’).

3.All Services

The Company shall make every effort to provide a high-quality Service that meets the Client’s Initial Request. The Client hereby acknowledges that, should the Client underestimate the word count, the Company may charge a supplement, which the Client undertakes to pay unconditionally.

If payment is not received within the agreed period, the Company may cancel the order and issue a refund to the Client. If the Author has begun the task, the full amount for the Service shall be payable to the Company.

Regulations relating to orders

The Client must never:

  • order a text which could infringe on the universal individual rights of an individual or corporate body;
  • ask the Author to make comments that are libellous or offensive towards any individual or corporate body, living or dead;
  • provide content that is contrary to good morals, that encourages violence, hatred, or racism, or that is considered illegal or contrary to public policy;
  • request the translation of copyrighted material (such as a book).

Should the Company be held liable by a third party following a violation of one of these prohibitions by the Client, the Client undertakes to indemnify the Company.

The Company reserves the right to refuse to perform, or cancel the performance of, any Service that commits one of the above-mentioned violations, and to refund any payment the Client has already made, deducting an amount corresponding to the part of the Service already performed, as well as any losses suffered by the Company in  respect of the violations.


You accept that you are solely responsible for the documents and information you distribute to Authors on Translators Center (collectively referred to as ‘External Content’ and ‘External Links’).

Given the quantity of information exchanged, the Company cannot be held responsible for the accuracy and legality of content distributed via its platform.

You agree to only transmit External Content and External Links:

  • the content of which is accurate and not libellous;
  • to which you own all the rights, including intellectual property rights, or in the absence of these, that you are free to use in the context of our services;
  • that are free of all viruses, scripts, or programs of any kind;
  • that comply with all current legislation.

Your External Content and External Links are subject to our regulations on transmission to Authors, as described in our General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Translators Center reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time and without prior notice.

In addition, Translators Center reserves the right:

  • to refuse to transmit your External Content and External Links, or to transmit them after minor corrections or modifications;
  • to remove all External Content or External Links from its platform, at any time, and without prior notice.

The Company may only remove External Content and External Links from its own platform and cannot be held responsible for the removal or non-removal of your External Content and External Links from third-party websites over which we have no control.

The Company does everything within its power to transmit your External Content and External Links to Authors in the shortest possible time. Any errors detected in your External Content and External Links cannot be corrected by the Company.

If you detect an error in External Content or in an External Link, you must cancel the order if possible and begin a new order. If cancellation is impossible (e.g. because the order has already been allocated to an Author), the charges relating to this remain your responsibility.

The External Content and External Links that you publish must under no circumstances show details (name, address, email address, telephone or fax number, etc.) that would allow Authors to contact you or to identify you, directly or indirectly.


Unless expressly agreed between the Parties, the Company makes no commitments on Service completion times.

The completion times given on the Company’s website are provided as a guide only and depend on various factors, such as the volume of Content, the complexity of the topic, and the availability of appropriate Authors, on which the Cp,[amu can make no firm commitment.

On the other hand, the Company agrees to do everything in its power to satisfy the Client’s request within the shortest possible time period.


The Company agrees to assign projects to Authors who meet the requirements outlined by the Client in the Initial Request, especially the level of skill required (‘Basic’, ‘Standard’ or ‘Enterprise’).

The Client expressly acknowledges that, if no Authors are available to perform the Service requested, the Company reserves the right to cancel the Service ordered and to refund the amount paid by the Client.

The Client also acknowledges that they may not claim any compensation in this regard.


Once the Content has been submitted by the Author, the Client has seven calendar days to check that the Content satisfies their Initial Request.

Once this period has elapsed, the Content submitted by the Author shall be considered to have been unconditionally approved by the Client. The implementation of this condition is strictly irrevocable.

If you consider that the Content submitted does not completely meet your expectations, you can ask the Author to revise it. In such an event, you agree to be as precise as possible in your communication with the Author so as to facilitate the revision of the Content.

In the event of a revision request, the Client will be put into direct contact with the Author through the Company’s internal messaging system. It is understood, as regards these exchanges, that:

  • in accordance with these Terms, the Client is strictly forbidden to try to obtain by any means whatsoever the Author’s contact information in order to contact him/her outside of the website platform;
  • The Company may at any time and without restrictions access the content of these exchanges, so as to be able to preside over a moderation or to check that exchanges between the Client and the Author are proceeding correctly.


The Company will make every effort to ensure the confidentiality of your Content.

All of the Company’s Authors are bound by a confidentiality agreement.

In addition, the website platform is secured by a digital certificate (SSL certificate), which authenticates users and encrypts exchanges via an identification key.

Currency of reference

Currency of reference is the Euro (€).

Payment methods

You may pay invoices by secure bank debit or credit card by our PCI-DSS compliant payment processor. You can then launch your projects on our platform using purchased credits.

Purchased credits:

The Company uses a system of prior purchase of credits that allows the Client to order Services as and when they need them.  The purchase of credits in no way determines the price to be paid, and the Client therefore expressly acknowledges that the Company is free to change its prices at any time, even after a Client’s account has been credited. The credits merely constitute an electronic means of facilitating the payment process and shall in no way be construed as belonging to the Clients.

In exceptional cases, as part of special agreements, some invoices may be issued on an ex post facto basis. It is expressly agreed between the Parties that the Client shall honor all invoices received for credits purchased from the Company.

Your credits can be used for 365 days following their acquisition. The Client expressly acknowledges that at the end of this period, the credits will lose their value and will be removed from their account. The Client expressly agrees not to challenge the expiry of said credits in any way.

The Client expressly agrees that exceptional renewal of credits shall be at the sole discretion of the Company.

It is not possible to use credits on a site other than the Company or one of its affiliates or partners.

It is understood that once purchased, the credits can in no way be converted into money and that they are non-refundable.

The Company provides an invoice each time the Client purchases credits. This invoice serves as a receipt and will be used as a reference in the event of any potential account-related conflict between the Company and the Client.

Payment Terms

Invoices are payable upon receipt or by the deadline agreed with the Company.

For any sum that is not paid by the agreed date, the Company reserves the right to invoice the Client late payment interest at the interest rate applied by the European Central Bank to its most recent refinancing operation, plus ten (10) percentage points, calculated and accrued from the first day after the due date.

Freezing and Closing Account


You may close your account at any time, by sending us your request via the contact us page.

A request to close an account is only considered valid if it is sent via the contact us page.

Under no circumstances may you request to be refunded for the value of credits still available on your account at the time of closing your account. These credits will be lost permanently.


Should it suspect fraud, the Company reserves the right to freeze the account of the Client concerned for as long as is necessary to carry out the relevant checks. In such an event, the Client accepts that we cannot be held responsible for failure to meet Service completion times.


Cancellations. A customer can cancel any order if the project has not yet been engaged by a Translator. It is not uncommon for an order to be engaged by a Translator immediately after the Order is placed. To attempt to cancel an order, the customer must contact our customer support directly at info@translatorscenter.com with details of your order to inquire if the order can be cancelled. If the order has been picked up by a Translator, the order cannot be cancelled and there will be no refund of credits.

Delivery of Translated Works. The Company cannot guarantee that a particular Translator or that any Translator will choose to engage on your order. If the order is completed by a Translator, the Company will return the works to Customers according to the quality level specified in the order.

The Company gives an estimated time for Service completion, but cannot guarantee an exact delivery time. We will email you when the translated works are ready for your review. Unless otherwise expressly agreed by the Company, time is not of the essence for delivery or performance, and no delay shall entitle you to reject any delivery.